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Improve the Indoor Air Quality in Your Home

Advanced Indoor Air Quality testing & equipment from Regan can ensure the health & safety of your family and friends

You probably consider your home to be your safe space, but studies have shown that the air inside the typical RI or MA home can be 3 to 5 times more polluted than the air outside! That's because indoor air is made up of outdoor air, plus all of the pollutants and allergens generated inside your home.

And as you strive to make your home more energy efficient, you "seal" your home to keep drafts out and cooled or warmed air in. This keeps the fresh air out of your house and the stale air with all types of common contaminants in! Unfortunately, this can lead to health problems and make allergies and other respiratory illnesses worse.

With Regan's Indoor Air Quality testing and equipment, your home will be filled with fresh clean air that's safe to breathe! If you're located in Rhode Island or Southeastern MA, click the button.

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The Advantages of Properly Filtered Indoor Air from Regan

  • Fresh, odorless air inside your home
  • Proper humidity levels throughout your home
  • Reduces risk of cancer & health issues related to indoor air quality like allergies and headaches
A Regan service technician checks the indoor air quality at a home in RI

Indoor Air Quality Testing

An Indoor Air Quality test from Regan can detect many odorless and invisible and harmful contaminants like Carbon Monoxide.

Our tests can also detect VOC's (Volatile Organic Compounds) like formaldehyde, benzene from plywood, rugs and shower curtains, and other harmful particulates such as dust, dander, and droppings. Also, unacceptable levels of Carbon Dioxide, which can silently effect your families health.

Indoor Air Quality Equipment We Recommend

A closeup photo of a high MERV rated air filter from Regan

Air conditioning systems custom designed for your home

The first step in improving the Indoor Air Quality in your home is the use of quality air filters on your heating / AC systems. Here at Regan, we suggest high MERV rated air filters that have the ability to capture extremely small particles in the air. And with our Premiere Preventative Maintenance Plan, you can rely on a Regan service technician to inspect and change your filters, ensuring clean air throughout the year.

Contact us to learn more about installing proper filtration in your home

Glam photo of the Phenomenal Aire Ionizer System

Phenomenal Aire Ionizer System

The Phenomenal Aire System is a unit designed for use in both residential and commercial HVAC applications that cleans air naturally through ionization. We believe in it so much we installed it at our office and in our homes!

  • Eliminates allergens and odors
  • Kills viruses, mold, bacteria & fungus
  • Deactivates 99.4% of the COVID-19 virus
  • No planned parts replacement
  • Consumes minimal energy for operation
  • Increases filter efficiency
  • Eliminates static electricity
  • 3-year warranty with electronic registration

More about the Phenomenal Aire Ionizer System

Protect Your Investment

Regan offers Preventative Maintenance and Emergency Service to all of our customers, ensuring you peace of mind when things don't go as planned. We're focused on delivering efficiency, reliability and comfort to your home.

Regan offers Financing Plans for new HVAC systems

Financing Plans to Meet Any Need

At Regan Heating and Air Conditioning, we know a new air conditioning or heating system is major purchase. To reduce the stress on your wallet, we're pleased to offer our 12 Month Interest Free Plan to our customers.

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Locally Owned & Operated for 50+ Years

After 50+ years, we are proud to count employees and our loyal customers as part of the Regan family. The relationships that we've built over the years have evolved into a strong sense of responsibility for the communities and people that we work with and for.

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Employment Opportunities at Regan

Looking to start or continue a career in the HVAC field? Regan Heating & Air is looking for qualified individuals to join our team. With a focus on education and apprentice programs, we understand the value of our employees and compensate them accordingly.