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Your heating system has a huge impact on the comfort and efficiency of your home, which is why it's important to be sure you have the right system for your needs. Inefficient heating wastes energy and costs you money, so you need a company that understands the new technology and various types of heating systems that are right for your home. Regan Heating and Air Conditioning specializes in repair and replacement of all types of heating systems, and we can help you improve your energy efficiency and reduce your heating bills.

If you're interested in furnace repair or replacement for your home, we can help! Call us today at 1-844-570-9767 or contact us online to learn more about our complete heating services and get a free estimate. We offer all our work in Providence, Warwick, Cranston and throughout the surrounding areas.

Our home heating services

We offer repair, installation and maintenance services for all of the following systems:

  • Gas heating
  • Oil heating
  • Boilers
  • Radiant heating
  • Forced air heating
  • Heat pump heating
  • Electric heating

Our experts are fully trained and certified to diagnose any problems your furnace is having and provide the right repair services. We also offer replacement of outdated, inefficient systems and new system installation. We'll work with you to find the right heating system to fit your home's needs.



Bryant has been going above and beyond to give customers the comfort they deserve since 1904. It's more than just heating and cooling; we want to provide you with products, from furnaces to air conditioners, and services that you can rely on and trust!

Heat pumps are a great solution for your home comfort system because they work to provide both heating and cooling. Heat pumps have SEER ratings like air conditioners and Heating Seasonal Performance Factor (HSPF) ratings for measuring heating efficiency. Higher SEER and HSPF ratings mean greater energy savings.

Heat pumps are a very efficient alternative to electric heat. A heat pump works the same as an air conditioner in the summer, but it runs in reverse in the winter to heat your home. The system will be matched with a backup heating source, most often electric heat for those extremely cold days of winter.

Just like our air conditioners, many of our heat pumps have advanced features, such as 2-stage compressors and variable speed fan operation. These features not only improve the comfort level of your home, but can provide additional energy savings as well.

Trane is a world leader in air conditioning systems, services, and solutions, following a mission to make your home comfortable and healthy! By applying our expertise in environmental technology and energy conservation, we can make a difference in energy efficiency around the globe!

Trane Heating & Cooling Products

Trane has quality heating and cooling systems for every home's needs. Their energy efficient systems will keep your home comfortable while saving you money. Trane products include:

  • Air conditioners
  • Air handlers
  • Gas furnaces
  • Oil furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Geothermal systems
  • Ductless systems

Lennox is the leading provider of high-efficiency home comfort systems, including furnaces and air conditioners, and is the leader in business comfort innovation. Our systems are designed to conserve energy and save you money.

Lennox offers the quietest furnaces you can buy and some of the most efficient furnaces available! There are multi-stage units and variable-speed units. There will always be a model right for your needs.

Dave Lennox Signature® Collection:

These are the quietest furnaces in their class. They are highly efficient and have variable speeds.

Elite® Series:

Two-stage or single-stage units that provide consistent temperatures.

Merit® Series:

Economical and affordable home heating units.

Lennox is the leading provider of high-efficiency home comfort systems, including furnaces and air conditioners, and is the leader in business comfort innovation. Our systems are designed to conserve energy and save you money.

Heat Pumps allow you to keep your home comfortable, all year long.

Dave Lennox Signature® Collection:

High-end, quiet, and efficient heat pumps. Models come in single or two-stage.

Elite® Series:

Very efficient, multi-stage units.

Merit® Series:

Affordable and durable models that will keep you comfortable.

Improving your home's energy efficiency

The heating and cooling system often accounts for around 50% of a home's energy usage, making it one of the biggest expenses for most homeowners. Older systems lose their efficiency over time, so it makes sense to consider one of our high-efficiency heating systems or an enhancement to your existing system that can return your investment in energy savings in a relatively short time.

If you have an old furnace or boiler, the unit's efficiency could be 70% or even lower. By contrast, upgrading a new, energy efficient model can achieve efficiencies as high as 98.5%, according to the U.S. Department of Energy.

This can make a significant difference in your home's heating expenses. Here are some signs that your furnace or boiler could be ready for replacement:

  • The unit is more than 15 years old
  • Temperatures throughout your home are inconsistent
  • It takes an unusually long time to heat your home
  • The furnace or boiler requires frequent repairs
  • Your energy bills have noticeably increased

Regan Heating and Air Conditioning can help you get the right furnace for your home's needs. By evaluating your current system and identifying whether furnace repair or replacement is the best solution, we can help you improve your home's comfort and efficiency while saving you money on heating bills.

Enjoy a new level of comfort & savings with a high-efficiency furnace

If you're interested in furnace repair, furnace replacement, or new installation for your home, the heating experts at Regan Heating and Air Conditioning are here to help. We will ensure you get the best heating system for your needs and help you maximize your home's energy efficiency. Call us today at 1-844-570-9767 or contact us online for a free estimate! We offer all our services in Providence, Warwick, Cranston, Brockton, Woonsocket, Coventry, Cumberland, East Providence, New Bedford, Fall River and throughout the surrounding areas.

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